39% of new cases in Bahrain this month is family related

The National Medical Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19) today held a press conference at the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, to provide an update on the Kingdom’s COVID-19 response.

The Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health explained that the average number of daily new active cases as a percentage of daily COVID-19 tests during the first three weeks of December was approximately 1.5%, increasing to 2.4% from the 24th to 28th of December. 

This reflected an increase of 34% in the average of daily new active cases in that five-day period compared to the first three weeks of the month.

The recovery rate is currently at 97.43% with a 0.38% death rate. Isolation centre occupancy stands at 8.9%, with 540 beds occupied out of 6,078 available, and 1,474 asymptomatic cases under optional home self-isolation, after meeting the set criteria.

During the period from the 1st to 28th of December, contact tracing revealed that the source of infection for 39% of new active cases was family related, reflecting the importance of avoiding gatherings and limiting meeting to members of the same household, while observing social distancing. 

In only 13 days, the number of the vaccinated citizens and residents in the Kingdom reached 56041.

There are 2,014 active cases, of which 10 are critical, 25 are receiving medical care and 2004 are stable. Dr. Al Salman also confirmed 89,804 cases have recovered.