5 Best Free Beach Spots You Need to Try in Bahrain

If you’re looking for a beach to spend the weekend with your family or just a quick afternoon date with a loved one, here is a list for you. Bahrain has a lot of wonderful beaches and here are some that’s free for the public!

Abu Subh Beach

Located near Budaiya, Abu Subh Beach (also known as Diraz Beach) is a great spot for families and children. The beach has loads of different stalls and food trucks lining it and has a playground for kids. Runners and dog-walkers are also a common sight.

Al Jazayer Beach

Al Jazayer Beach is Bahrain’s biggest beach and draws a lot of people especially during the weekends. It is quite a drive from the Bahrain’s center but is near other tourist spots like Bahrain International Circuit and Al Areen Wildlife & Park reserve. Visiting it alongside the other spots would make the drive super worthwhile.

The beach is wide and has shallow waters perfect for families. It also has a playground and a couple of food trucks. A portion of the beach is currently being renovated so expect more stalls and attractions to come in the future.

Arad Fort Beach

You can head to this small stretch of sand and blue waters when you visit or take a tour at Arad Fort. It’s not a popular spot for swimming but you can always have a lovely stroll or quick dip of your feet in the waters. It’s also near Bahrain’s center so malls and stores are only a short drive away.

Budaiya Beach Park

Budaiya Beach park is another family friendly destination that has a children’s park, a ball park, and lots of food stalls. The beach usually gets crowded during the weekends but you’ll always find a spot in its wide stretch of sand. The beach has clear clean waters and is the perfect spot for a sunset view.

Karbabad Beach

This beach near Seef isn’t visited for swimming, but it gets crowded nonetheless for the view and the regulars it has. Karbabad beach has a lot of entertainment at night, ranging from numerous food stalls to large bouncy castles. In the morning, quad bikes and horse riders are what you’ll see often. The spot often has lot of birds flying around and is perfect for a sunset view too.