8 Fun Things To Check Out This Week in Bahrain (1-4 October)

October is finally here! And the dawn of the new month just means new campaigns for celebrating Women and Horror on the island. From fun Halloween-themed dining options to workshops aimed at creativity and self-discovery; this new week is filled with exciting activities you can look forward to enjoying with loved ones. Check out our latest weekly guide for further details!

Sunday, 1 October – Bahrain Philharmonic Orchestra at Bahrain National Theatre

Monday & Tuesday, 2 & 3 October – Portraits 101 at Artly Bahrain

Tuesday, 3 October – Teppanyaki Tuesday at Bushido by Buddha-Bar

Wednesday, 4 October – Korean Grill Odyssey, Seoulful at Bo•Sabi

Wednesday, 4 October – Wednesday Roast at Baharat Restaurant

Wednesday, 4 October – Spec-Taco-Lar Platter! at Margarita Mexicana Restaurant, The Gulf Hotel Bahrain

All Week – Clay Modelling Workshop at Passion Art

All Week – BIC Circuit Tour at Bahrain International Circuit