Back to Basics: An Interview With Hospitality Leader, Manuela Brode

Bahrain Confidential speaks with the General Manager of Hilton Garden Inn Bahrain Bay.

What does it take to be a Hospitality Leader? In an industry that never slows down, it takes utmost dedication and a mindset for excellence to deliver quality guest experiences day in and out. Each year, Bahrain Confidential highlights leaders across the hospitality industry on the island to understand what’s new, what’s next, and what makes them the best.

What does hospitality leadership mean to you?

Personally, it means leading by example. I enjoy being surrounded by my team. I am very hands-on and appreciate occasionally returning to basics. Sometimes, we become so engrossed in strategies and future planning that we forget to be in the present, to connect with the team, to listen to their needs and motivations, and to provide them with the space to thrive and perform their best every day.

Do you have any major plans for the property? 

Currently, we are working on a major project aimed at enhancing our guests’ arrival experience, including the relocation of our parking facilities to the hotel. At present, the distance of a few hundred meters can be rather inconvenient, but this change will significantly enhance the guest arrival experience, making it more elegant and hassle-free.

Is there one unique quality that makes your hotel stand out in Bahrain?

Yes, undoubtedly, our hotel’s standout feature is the location, which offers direct access to Avenues Bahrain. Moreover, we are actively working on phase two of the project, and eagerly anticipate its realisation next year. This will further enhance the shopping experience for our guests, ensuring their stay is even more comfortable.