Bahraini Designer, Razan Jamal Launches Her New Book, “Interior for Beginners”

Bahraini designer and founder of Designat Interiors, Razan Jamal launched her new book, “Interior for Beginners” at the Safiya Ali Kanoo Hub for Arts in Tubli. 

Perhaps one of the only Bahraini books on the subject, it provides valuable and important information for the average reader interested in interior decor, whether at home, at the office, or while working on a commercial project.

The book traverses through the history of decoration from the era of the Pharaohs to present-day principles that govern the nature of design.

The session was moderated by Abdullah Rajput, General Manager of the Haagen Group and featured Rabie Halak, Founder of Vier Interiors and Merv Naimoglu, Project Manager, and Maryam Al-Awainati, majoring in interior design at Al-Ahlia University along with Razan.

The panel discussed the challenges and opportunities facing Bahraini youth in the interior decoration and furnishing sector in each project and how to overcome them.