New Year New You: 10 Yoga Centres to Check Out in Bahrain

Having a healthy body and mind is perhaps the best promise you can make to yourself starting out in the new year. What better way to bring balance and calm to the body than Yoga. Bahrain is home to a collection of exceptional Yoga centres that cater to seekers of serenity and balance. From dedicated spaces nestled amidst peaceful neighbourhoods to dynamic urban studios, we have uncovered a few of the Kingdom’s finest fitness centres, each embracing a unique approach to yoga.

Holistic Antara

Image Credits: Holistic Antara

Join Holistic Antara on a journey to enhance your wellness through yoga, from studio classes to frequent beach sessions at Water Garden City. As a Corporate Wellness Coach, she guides you towards inner peace with Yoga Therapy, Meditation, and Aerial Yoga, crafting a comprehensive approach to your holistic health.

Contact: 39884670


Image Credits: PROP Yoga

PROP Yoga stands as a sanctuary for yoga enthusiasts seeking a transformative and personalised practice. With a focus on Iyengar yoga, this centre offers an array of enriching experiences tailored to individual needs. From therapeutic sessions to specialised classes targeting flexibility and spine alignment, PROP Yoga embraces practitioners of all skill levels. If you’re on a quest for a holistic approach to well-being, this might be the perfect destination for your yoga journey.

Contact: 33700730

Namaste Bahrain

Image Credits: Namaste Bahrain

Namaste Bahrain’s unique style of teaching fosters self-discovery and mindfulness. They preach that when you practise yoga, you’re giving yourself a full hour’s pause – a time to move with each breath and tune out the outside world.

Enjoy levitation in a fun and energising atmosphere with their Aerial Yoga classes. Suitable for all levels, Namaste Bahrain creates a supportive space for your yoga journey. 

If you want to take your passion for yoga to new heights, you are in luck as they offer yoga certification options!

Contact: 17591565

Warrior One

Image Credits: Warrior One

Led by seasoned instructors, their yoga classes cater to all levels. Each class fosters mindfulness and body awareness, offering a holistic experience for practitioners seeking inner balance and releasing tension.

After your yoga session, nourish your body at the centre’s charming cafe, where wholesome and nutritious options await. Additionally, explore their boutique treasure trove, featuring wellness products, stylish yoga apparel, and artisanal finds, allowing you to curate your holistic lifestyle.

Contact: 17000838

Marys Yoga

Image Credits: Mary

An experienced Yoga instructor (RYT500) and spiritual guide based in Bahrain. With a profound passion for guiding individuals on their path to well-being, she offers both private and group yoga classes.

Explore the power of Sound Healing with Mary as she creates an atmosphere of positive vibes and inner peace during her sessions.

Contact: 32107773

TASMAYoga by Arpita

Image Credits: TASMAYoga

Led by Arpita, a skilled and caring instructor with extensive training (RYT300 and prenatal RYT100), TASMAYoga offers a welcoming space for individuals of all levels. Embrace the benefits of prenatal yoga, fostering a deeper connection with your body and preparing for motherhood in a nurturing environment. With a variety of batches, female or mixed, explore the journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation, and inner peace.

Contact: 35118120

The Healthy Conscience 

Image Credits: The Healthy Conscience

A premier gym and physical fitness centre, run by two coaches based in Bahrain. It caters to your dedicated fitness goals, with a diverse range of training programs and guidance tailored to your needs. Unlock your potential and turn into a healthier, stronger and more confident you!

Contact: 33064645


Image Credits: Riyyog

Riyyog by Riya Bhansali offers a diverse range of transformative experiences, from cultivating mental clarity and focus through breathwork and mindfulness to elevating your yoga practice with experienced guidance. You can strengthen your body with their challenging fitness classes and improve posture through targeted exercises, and enhance agility and coordination with dynamic flow practices.

Contact: 38128646

Art of Living 

Image Credits: Art of Living Bahrain

Discover tranquillity and inner peace at The Art of Living Bahrain, which offers transformative yoga and meditation experiences, guided by skilled instructors who instil a sense of calm and clarity. The Happiness Program’s breathing techniques and meditation practices provide a perfect antidote to daily stress. Engaging yoga sessions strike a balance between physical fitness and inner harmony, complemented by wisdom-filled teachings on mindfulness and purposeful living.

Contact: 39837475

Bohemian Being 

Image Credits: Fatema Majdi

Bohemian Being, under the directive of Fatema Majdi, is a nurturing studio and brand that embraces holistic well-being. As a certified YogaTeacher 500RYT and FRC Mobility Specialist, Fatema brings her expertise to guide you on a transformative journey. She embodies creativity and wellness in her approach. Embrace self-love and explore the enriching practices!

Contact: 39588334