To commemorate the International Women’s Day, we are featuring women who have made notable contributions in their respective industries. We aim to explore the tenacity of each and discover how they pushed boundaries to rise to the top. 

What does the 2022 International Women’s Day slogan, #BreaktheBias mean for you in your work life? 

Equal opportunities no matter what your background is; inclusivity without highlighting the differences or discrimination.

What is the main challenge that you’ve faced as a woman in your industry? 

Having started my career in the corporate world, it wasn’t easy to achieve my goals or targets because there were many obstacles and politics to understand and deal with on a daily basis. In 2014, I shifted to the art world which is something totally different.

Art to me is more spiritual and freer but like any other profession, it has its own challenges. To me, they were harder as I don’t have the background and I came from a totally different field. With time (studying and learning), I have managed to overcome each new challenge.

What has been the most empowering moment in your career? 

Achieving my childhood dream of becoming a full-time artist, I believe it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to do what I love as a career. I got a lot of support from family, friends and fans at the beginning of my career which empowered me to do more.

Which powerful woman do you admire the most and why? 

My mother. She’s a hard-working mom who raised five children while working a full-time job in a hospital which had unpredictable shifts. Although it’s an extremely hard job, she still managed to spend time with each one of us, cook and take care of us equally.  

Do you have any advice for women wanting to start their own business or work their way up the ladder? 

Have confidence in yourself and believe in your dreams/goals. Don’t be held back by fears of failures.

What main change would you like to see for young girls in the next generatio

I’m very proud and happy with the achievements of women that I see every day. They have broken all the boundaries and reached many positions and places that we’re not possible before, I would like to see it continue and grow with the next generation.


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