Celebrate Bahrain: Festival City Attracted More Than 100,000 Visitors

The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BETA) announced that the Festival City attracted over 100,000 visitors, highlighting the success of an all-encompassing campaign, Celebrate Bahrain that took place over December in Bahrain.

Celebrate Bahrain brought family, musical, cultural, and sporting events across the governorates of the Kingdom for a month, in collaboration with various partners coinciding with Bahrain national days.

The Celebrate Bahrain concluded with a successful celebration, with nearly 7,000 people at Water Garden City and 21,800 at Marassi Al Bahrain. The event also saw a large presence in Bahrain Bay, Bahrain Harbour, Financial Center, Bahrain Fort, Bahrain National Museum, and Al Najmah Club.

The public turnout was remarkable, particularly in the Festival City events and closing celebrations, Fatima bint Jaafar Al Sairafi, the Minister of Tourism, said.

She praised the programme for exceeding expectations and enriching the experiences of citizens, residents, tourists, and visitors.

The minister expressed gratitude to guests and participants in Celebrate Bahrain, as well as supporting bodies and partners. She emphasised the responsibility to provide innovation and diversity in the tourism programmes, enriching the tourist season and organizing more events throughout the year.

Dr. Nasser Qaedi, CEO of BTEA, highlighted the diverse activities during Celebrate Bahrain and the exclusive promotions successfully attracted a large number of tourists from around the world, offering various tourism events and activities to cater to all tastes, he added.