Celebrating Bahrain’s Best Restaurants

  • Bahrain Confidential is hosting Bahrain’s Best Restaurant Awards Night on 21st February 2024.
  • 37 restaurants, chosen by leaders in Bahrain’s hospitality sector are set to take centre stage

Most restaurants in Bahrain are good, and many are special… but some are extra special. Bahrain’s Best Restaurants 2023 honours these establishments – the best of the best and the people behind them.

These dining establishments will be recognised and presented with their awards at a gala event on the 21st of February.

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Who decided?

The winning restaurants for Bahrain’s Best Restaurants 2023 were decided by 74 experienced and distinguished judges best qualified to know what makes a restaurant great – leaders of Bahrain’s 5 and premium 4-star hotels, and other hospitality experts.

To our judges, we simply asked them to recommend their five favourite restaurants in Bahrain. We offered no suggestions, categories, price ranges, order of preference, or anything else. The only rule was judges could not recommend any restaurant connected to their own company. Voting was fully transparent – every judge can see the restaurants voted for by every other judge.

By following the above method, we ensured a fair, unbiased, and authentic award.

Of the restaurants voted for, we discovered 20 clear winners, and a further 17 restaurants considered worthy of special recommendation.

Nicholas C. Cooksey, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Gulf Insider Media said: “We congratulate all the restaurants and the people behind them. Their hard work and dedication are truly appreciated and we hope they will continue to serve Bahrain’s culinary scene with excellence for many years to come.”