Chanel’s Spring Summer 2022 collection is now in Bahrain!

La Pausa De Chanel: A Warm, Sunny Collection

The Spring-Summer 2022 collection was inspired by the beauty of Gabrielle’s legendary villa. The light of La Pausa, dear to Mademoiselle, is the central theme that guided CHANEL’s Makeup Creation Studio. The natural, earthy colors and sparkling sunlight surrounding the villa are at the heart of this collection, along with the «sunbeam» button motif, designed as a graphic representation of the Riviera, that is embossed on the powder products.


ROUGE COCO BAUME is the main release of this new makeup collection. Just like the villa, CHANEL’s newest lip balm is both chic and comforting. It can be distinguished by its pared-down, all-white packaging. Without compromising on effectiveness or aesthetics, ROUGE COCO BAUME was designed in the same style as the iconic ROUGE COCO line. The spirit of La Pausa inspired CHANEL Research and the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio to develop a lip care product with unique sensory qualities, combining the color provided by a lipstick with the moisturizing benefits of a balm.


The skin on the lips, which is remarkably thin and lacks a natural protective film, requires special care. ROUGE COCO BAUME keeps the lips looking beautiful day after day with the help of Olive Oleoactive, a new active ingredient produced specifically for CHANEL and an echo to La Pausa’s hundred-year-old olive trees.

It is in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, on the island of Sardinia, where the olive trees selected by CHANEL Research flourish. Derived from the leaves and fruit of olive trees, the Oleoactive is obtained through a patented*, sustainable extraction process called oleo-eco-extraction. Containing a high concentration of polyphenols and omega-9s, this exclusive active ingredient provides antioxidant protection throughout the entire day.

To provide complete care for the lips, ROUGE COCO BAUME combines a moisturizing active ingredient, shea butter, and three plant waxes at the heart of the Hydra Boost Complex, the signature ingredient of the ROUGE COCO line. Its silky formula glides onto the lips and keeps them moisturized all day long.

* Patent submitted by CHANEL’s partner.

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The collection’s eye makeup creations are infused with the soft, sunlit hues of the landscape surrounding La Pausa. A unique new version of LES 4 OMBRES features the «sunbeam» motif and the villa’s enveloping shades. It includes a khaki brown color that is reminiscent of the olive trees in the garden, accompanied by gold and copper shades that evoke the dazzling sunlight of the Côte d’Azur. This light is also what inspired the new, golden beige shade of OMBRE PREMIÈRE LAQUE, which makes the eyes shimmer with a luminous, natural glow.


The two BLUSH LUMIÈRE exclusive creations, designed in shades of coral pink and terracotta brown, warm up the complexion and leave it glowing. The coral shade is ideal for daytime wear, the brown for a bold, chic look. Both blushes provide coverage that can be adjusted depending on one’s needs thanks to their easily blendable, creamy powder formula. For a complete sun-kissed look, BAUME ESSENTIEL subtly illuminates the complexion, creating the effect of a holiday spent in the sun. Its shimmery coral pink shade livens up the cheeks with a natural, healthy glow. The face is left looking radiant and warm.


La Pausa’s color scheme is vast with its yellow walls and softly sunlit, tiled terracotta floors. This contrast, evocative of the south of France, is embodied in the two nail polishes from the Spring-Summer 2022 collection.