Check Out BRAVE CF’s International Combat Week in Bahrain This December!

Returning to home ground after hosting events in 29 countries across 5 continents, BRAVE Combat Federation is set to host a week-long event in Bahrain this December! Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Mohamed Shahid, President of BRAVE CF announced the BRAVE International Combat Week (BICW) that will feature three major professional events along with the Asian MMA Championships.

What’s come to be known as the largest combat sports festival, BICW will feature BRAVE CF 77, 79, and 80 throughout the week with the first being headlined by two world title fights. World champions Abdisalam Kubanychbek (Lightweight) and Marcin Bandel (Super Welterweight) will be seen defending their crowns against Lucas Martins (Lightweight) and Kamal Magomedov (Super Welterweight).

‘’This edition of the BRAVE International Combat Week is super stacked and full of amazing stories and fights,’’ commented Shahid. ‘’There’s also a match-up of dreams to discover who is the best Super Welterweight in the entire world. Marcin Bandel is the champion, but now he has the greatest challenge of his career when he takes on the undefeated Kamal Magomedov. This is an epic way to start the historic week.’’

Aside from the two title fights, BRAVE CF fans can also expect athletes from Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, and Slovenia, making it a truly international sporting event in the home of BRAVE Combat Federation. Purchase your tickets on Platinum List.