Nurturing Homegrown Brands: Here’s How City Centre Bahrain is Providing Visibility to Local Talents!

When it comes to forging a bond with the community and nurturing a strong sense of identity, homegrown brands play an essential role. Bahrain has much to offer in terms of local brands that offer variety, quality, and a unique perspective to shoppers on the island. Providing these brands with the visibility they so deserve is City Centre Bahrain.

The prominent shopping destination in Bahrain isn’t just nurturing local businesses and homegrown brands, but about helping them operate in a mall setting, and enabling new entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights into operations, logistics, customer service, design process and more.

From local coffee shops and restaurants to reimagining traditional fashion and casuals, and showcasing Bahrain-inspired furniture, City Centre Bahrain not only supports the local community but also provides an opportunity to experience the Kingdom’s culture, fashion, and hospitality.

Shoppers can explore a diverse range of local talents in the City Centre, which have a global perspective while preserving traditional aesthetics. For instance, Amira Maher Boutique specialises in engagement, evening gowns, and Jalabiyas. Luxury designer boutiques like La Noor and Traditional Trends – founded by Bahraini entrepreneur sisters Dalal and Hanan Hussain, offer easy-to-wear styles and intricate details.

Art enthusiasts can admire the traditional and contemporary pieces at Amina Gallery, while Pieces Furniture brings traditional values to modern and contemporary furniture. D.Haus, with 10 years of experience, offer affordable everyday luxury in furniture and home accessories.

For beauty, La Jolie Beauty Lounge is the go-to place for various services and treatments, including hair, nails, makeup, lashes, massages, etc.

City Centre Bahrain also hosts local flavours with gourmet options that offer a range of culinary delights. These include Romeo’s – a local speciality coffee shop and bakery, Yasmine – an Arabic-inspired restaurant, and Manoosha Café – a Lebanese street food spot. 

Families can enjoy the leisure and entertainment options from local brands like Blast and Blast Village – an indoor trampoline and playground, and Escape Code – the ultimate place for escape games and entertainment.

City Centre Bahrain continues to play a vital role in enabling local businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive, while offering shoppers local success stories to support. The City Centre looks forward to welcoming more diverse homegrown brands to the shopping mall soon.

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