Cooking Up a Storm: Featuring Chef Marwan Slim of Trader Vic’s Manama

Bringing energy and passion to his craft, Chef Marwan Slim believes in going above and beyond to create unique experiences for his guests at Trader Vic’s Manama.

Crafting unique cooking methods, Chef Marwan Slim heads the kitchen at Trader Vic’s while striving to create an energetic vibe for his team. The key to success, according to Chef Slim is to always exceed customers’ expectations. We got in touch with the Chef to find out all about running the kitchen at the worldwide dining brand’s Bahrain branch.    

In your opinion, what makes a restaurant special?

Fresh ingredients with good and tasty food, memorable service, and a friendly, relaxing ambience make a restaurant special.

How do you ensure the restaurant meets the highest standards of quality and delivers satisfying guest experiences?

A great restaurant experience comprises not only good food but top-notch customer service. We believe in creating a warm restaurant ambience combined with great hospitality and delivering consistency in taste and quality of food. Receiving feedback from the guests helps us analyse what our customers expect from us.

What are your thoughts on Bahrain’s restaurant sector?

The restaurant industry in Bahrain is growing along with the rising demand for dining out. It’s interesting to see how the F&B sector has grown and developed, offering cuisines spanning Asia, the Middle East and beyond. We’re witnessing so many trends such as local Bahraini breakfast cafes, burgers, food trucks, and shawarmas to name a few. Currently, Meat restaurants seem to be highly sought-after in Bahrain.

 What are three dishes you would recommend guests try at your restaurant/s?

I would recommend our Tidbits that are served in an Islander way. Guests can enjoy the Cho Cho skewers over the flaming Hibachi fire. Our signature daily-catch Chili Hammour is prepared and served from wok-to-table.

Our steaks and seafood are cooked in an authentic Chinese BBQ wood oven which originated from the Han Dynasty in China. The preparations carry an oakwood flavour, one that you don’t get elsewhere in Bahrain. 

What are your favourite places to eat in Bahrain?

My favourites would be Haji’s Cafe in Bab Al Bahrain and Naseef Restaurant.