Craving for baked sushi? Here are 3 must-try places in Bahrain!

The online sushi bake or baked sushi trend is far from over! Here are where you can get them in Bahrain!

Oishii Pan

If you’re looking for something with a little crunch to it, look no further than Oishii Pan’s sushi bake. Indecisive diners can order the california maki, shrimp tempura, and cheesy salmon all at once! But if you have a favourite, pans are also available for separate flavours. 

Sushi Queen

Enjoy homemade goodness from Sushi Queen, a local business also made by Onigireem’s creator. On a diet? Then maybe their vegetarian-friendly tofu sushi bake is what you need.

Happy Panda

Made with a generous helping of roe on top, Happy Panda serves up a classic sushi bake flavour that’s sure to be a hit to everyone at home. They also have a tri-colored baked sushi that has all the goodies in one pan!