Craving for poke and sushi? You should check this spot in Seef!

Aloha! We don’t know if you’ve ever tried a pokê bowl in your life, but if you haven’t yet, then today’s the day we hope to convince you that you should. Hearty, healthy, and satisfying – these are words that best describe Meemoz Poke’s range of dishes.

The poke bowls here are just as colorful and Instagram-worthy and packed with lots of fresh flavor from tuna, salmon, shrimp, and more. If you love customized meals then you will enjoy their extensive range of mix-ins, from mango and Wakame seaweed to crispy nori and tempura flakes. There’s no right or wrong combination here as the fresh base ensures that any topping you end up choosing works.

While the menu allows you to make your own bowls, don’t miss out on their signatures like the Spicy Tuna Poke, Meemoz Bowl, Lovers Poke Bowl and more. Aside from their delicious bowls, they also have fusion sushi, burgers, and rolls. We particularly liked the Meemoz Taco Bell, Salmon Platter, and Crispy Tofu Poke Bowl.

We talked to Meemoz Poke’s founder, Mahmoud Jannoun to know more about the restaurant.

What was the inspiration behind Meemoz Poke?

The inspiration came from the traditional Hawaiian cuisine called pokê. The meaning of pokê in Hawaiian language is to cut the food in cubes. 

Meemoz Poke developed many other variations in its menu, taking in consideration that every meal is made out of healthy, fresh, light and yummy ingredients with a twist. 

When did you launch it?

June 2019.

What’s your bestseller?

Our best sellers are the Meemoz pokê bowls as well as our sushi variations. We recently launched our fusion burgers and they’re doing very well too. 

You’ve been recommended to us by a lot of people – what do you think makes your offerings special?

We care a lot about our customers’ satisfaction and joy with every bite. That is our promise from the first day we started working on the concept. The food we cook is made the same way we cook at home. We put the commercial aspect secondary in our business.

How can our readers order?

People can visit us at Almoayyed Tower in Seef or order online at