Discovering Bahrain’s Influential Fashion Bloggers!

Bahrain’s fashion scene is undoubtedly thriving, and these eight fashion bloggers are leading the charge with their unique styles, engaging content, and inspiring outlooks on the world of fashion.

Scroll through our list to learn more about these fashion bloggers from Bahrain who are making a name for themselves with their unique styles and engaging content!

Roshini Daswani

Roshini Daswani is a glamorous fashionista who effortlessly combines her love for travel and fashion. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Bahrain, Roshini’s multicultural background adds a unique flair to her style. With her blog, she showcases her passion for luxury fashion, beauty, and travel.

MiMi Turki

Mariam Turki is a stylish fashion blogger who rocks chic, modest, and contemporary outfits. Mariam’s blog is a treasure trove of style inspiration for women who want to stay on-trend!

Nayla Janahi

Nayla Janahi is a Bahraini fashion blogger who embodies the essence of minimalist elegance. Through her blog, Nayla showcases a refined and understated style that is both timeless and effortlessly chic.

Khawla Almaraghi

Khawla Almarghi is a bold and edgy fashion blogger who isn’t afraid to make a statement. With her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, Kam effortlessly showcases how to incorporate cutting-edge fashion into everyday wear. is a creative fashion blogger who offers a treasure trove of styling tips and outfit inspiration. With a strong focus on versatility and functionality, Her page showcases how to maximise your wardrobe by creating multiple looks with just a few key pieces.

Imane Stivan

Imane Stivan is a contemporary fashion blogger offering a collection of meticulously styled outfit stands out, offering a perfect match for every occasion. Her page showcases an array of versatile wardrobe options.


Noorooz is a fashion blogger, who is also a makeup artist. Her blog presents a range of lifestyle options, from make-up products to accessories.

Asma Hassan

Asma Hassan is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who effortlessly dazzles in everything, from casuals to officewear and party attire. Her blog displays a variety of simple, yet classy outfit inspirations.

Maryam Ali

Maryam Ali excels as both a fashion influencer and a talented fashion designer and stylist. She also maintains a separate market blog for her outfits.

Noor Albasri

Noor Albasri, other than being a bold Radio Presenter at 96.5 FM, is an effortless fashion influencer. Her style is a fusion of confidence and chic.

Shaima Rahimi

Shaima Rahimi, a prominent name in Bahrain’s fashion scene, skillfully juggles roles as a journalist, TV presenter, actress, and entrepreneur. Her businesses include Top Trend Boutique and Beauty Salon.

Hanin Almugahwi

Hanin Almugahwi, an accomplished Architectural Engineer, curates a unique fashion journey in her blog, seamlessly embracing styles from contemporary trends to formal fits.

Aman Al Aradi

Amali Al Aradi is a versatile fashion influencer and makeup artist. Her blog is a style inspiration canvas, where she not only showcases aesthetic fashion but also shares her makeup expertise, making it a perfect blend of style and beauty.