Experience an iconic universe with the Marvel x Pandora collection!

Marvel fans, rejoice! You can enter the Superhero Universe now that Pandora has assembled a new jewellery collection in collaboration with Marvel!

The jewellery shop has teamed up with the blockbuster franchise on an exciting collection that highlights iconic MCU characters and their superhero symbols.

Power up with a premium range of 11 handcrafted items including bracelets, charms, miniature idols and rings that feature the forever loved Iron Man with his arc reactor, Captain America’s shield, Black Widow and other epochal Avengers and superheroes with their symbols.

What we love about Pandora is the customisation they offer. Like most of their collections, there are options for 14-karat gold-plated designs and sterling silver Pandora charms. The charms feature iconic quotes engraved on the designs, such as “Wakanda Forever” for Black Panther, “Hulk Smash” for Hulk, Iron Man’s “I Love You 3000”.

The collection, of course, would remain incomplete without the worldly Infinity Gauntlet and the Stones.

Pandora’s old-time customers would be thrilled to know that these charms can just be added to their past purchases of bracelets, keychains or chains as Add-ons. Or they could simply get the latest design of the bracelet with the Avengers’ logo ‘A’ at the clasp.

What is the cherry on top, you ask?

The most exciting part of this news to all MCU fans out there is that the Marvel x Pandora collection is now available for sale in Bahrain! You can shop at Bahrain City Centre, The Avenues Mall, Oasis Mall in Juffair and Enma Mall.

What are you waiting for? Show the world what you stand for by channeling the powers of a team like no other.