Hedkandi is Returning to Bahrain This Weekend With an All-day Pool Party!

The most awaited and glamorous event of the year yet!

This weekend celebrates the long-awaited return of the iconic HEDKANDI brand to Bahrain. The brand has been centered in Ibiza and UK since its beginnings, with over 2.1 million album sales from over 200 albums. HEDKANDI is renowned for delivering the most glamorous and exhilarating events globally and has been a powerhouse in the music industry since its foundation in 1999.

The creator of hedkandi, Mark Doyle, will be headlining the event this Friday. He will be joined by Mike Van Loon on the decks and accompanied by Soraya Vivian on vocals Sammy J on Saxophone and Rob Shaw on percussion. The Dynamite Dancers will add to this international team to provide an unforgettable opening to the season at the Club.

Tickets cost BD 15 and you can buy yours here.

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The opening party of the season begins at 12 noon on 30th September around the Royal Golf Club Pool with the iconic artists and vibe of the acclaimed ‘hedkandi’ brand flying in from Ibiza and the UK.

Don’t miss out on the best party of the year, their last visit to Bahrain 13 years ago was one of the country’s most legendary gatherings, and they’re coming back for the sequel!

Dress to impress!