Here’s How You Can Support Bahrain’s Humanitarian Initiatives for the People of Gaza

In an effort to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, several Bahrain-based organisations are rallying to provide aid to the people affected. A little contribution can go a long way in ensuring basic necessities and essential supplies reach the displaced. You can make a difference during this critical time by contributing through the following channels.


Hundreds of thousands of displaced people are seeking refuge inside UNRWA schools. However, food, water, and essential items are running critically low. UNRWA urgently calls for humanitarian aid and funding to support Palestine Refugees in need. You can support them by visiting UNRWA’s donation page.

Palestine Support Society

Projects are underway to support Gaza, including restoring damaged homes and providing essential services. The projects include Bahrain’s campaign, which is providing free bread and clean water. Find more information about their projects and contribute on their website.

Islamic Aid

Islamic Aid is offering immediate relief by providing essential supplies, medicine, emergency care, and shelter for those who have been displaced. They are also offering support services like trauma counselling and resources. You can be a part of this cause by visiting the Palestine Appeal page and donating.


Kaaf is actively providing urgent humanitarian and relief assistance to the affected families in the Gaza Strip. Their support includes essential foodstuffs, medical supplies, medicines, shelter, and more. You can find information about how to contribute to their efforts on their Gaza Relief donation page.

Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF)

RHF is actively involved in delivering humanitarian aid and medical support to the Palestinian community in Gaza. This includes sending relief shipments and deploying medical missions to assist the injured, ensuring a steady flow of help to those in need. You can make a contribution to their efforts by visiting the RHF’s donation page.