Highlighting Gratitude: D.Haus’ Ramadan Collection is Fostering Togetherness

Creating the perfect Ramadan atmosphere at home is no easy feat. It takes time, patience, and mindfulness to create a warm, peaceful, and inviting environment that reflects the spirit of the auspicious month. Enter D.Haus – a leading furniture brand in Bahrain specialising in some truly unique pieces and setups. We recently caught up with its Managing Director, Khalid Nooruddin to find out a little more about their Ramadan collection and the brand.

In your opinion, what sets D.Haus’ Ramadan collection apart from others in Bahrain?

We carefully select each piece that we sell. We want you to have a unique experience when you shop with us, and then a continuation of that experience when you start using the pieces. Our selections are intentionally different, but maintain a style that is always D.Haus. We never waver from our brand of affordable luxury.

What inspired the Ramadan collection this year?

This year, we are running a Ramadan Collection inspired by our Imtinan Campaign, which means gratitude. We decided to translate that concept into our dining sets, sofas, and living spaces. We want to highlight the theme of togetherness which is a cornerstone of Ramadan.

What are your favourite pieces from this year’s Ramadan collection, and why?

My favourite pieces are our newest Chabi Chic collection. They are Moroccan pieces that we’ve carefully curated. All the pieces are vibrant, and handmade and make you want to share a meal with your family. This selection offers versatile options for mixing and matching or just go with a single color scheme for your entire dining table, and fits with everything else we offer.

Looking back at your journey since establishing D.Haus, what are some recent milestones or achievements that you’re particularly proud of?

It’s exciting to see where we’ve reached over the last few years. Right now, my happiest achievement would be opening our two branches in Riyadh. We want everyone to know that D.Haus has big ambitions and we’re here to inspire people on this island.

What, in your opinion, are some important skills and qualities one should possess to succeed as a professional in the interior decor industry?

You have to live and breathe what you do. It’s not just selling products, it’s about building a person’s home. You have to make them believe and you have to believe in it yourself. So I’d say that would be a very important quality. At the same time, it’s important for you to always be adaptable.