Hilton Bahrain and Mannai Holding Distribute Over 200 Meals to Construction Workers in Juffair

Hilton Bahrain, in partnership with its owning company Mannai Holding, distributed 220 meals to construction workers in the Juffair area. The meal distribution program, organized by the upscale hotel, aims to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of construction workers who often work tirelessly behind the scenes. This initiative serves as a token of gratitude for their dedicated service and recognizes their significant contributions to the growth and progress of the community.

Apaarna Parab, Head of Design, Architecture, and Planning at Mannai Holding, said, “We are immensely inspired by Hilton Bahrain’s unwavering commitment to giving back to the community through various initiatives. Their efforts have not only improved the lives of individuals but have also set an example for others to follow. At Mannai Holding, we wholeheartedly support and align ourselves with Hilton Bahrain’s vision, and we pledge to continue collaborating on similar projects to make a difference.”

Hilton Bahrain, renowned for its exceptional hospitality and community engagement, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through partnerships with organizations such as Mannai Holding, Hilton Bahrain strives to uplift and empower local communities by addressing their needs and fostering a sense of belonging.

As part of its ongoing efforts, Hilton Bahrain actively engages in initiatives that promote social welfare, environmental sustainability, and the empowerment of disadvantaged groups. By leveraging its resources, expertise, and compassionate approach, the hotel aims to make a lasting and positive impact on society.