Hilton Bahrain Teams Up with Canadian School Students for Earth Week

Hilton Bahrain joined students of the Canadian School of Bahrain during Earth Week. Aimed at raising awareness about sustainability and climate change, the upscale hotel’s team engaged Grade 2 and 3 students of CSB in a tree-planting activity. The kids were enthusiastically planting saplings around the campus. Students and the hotel team were involved in discussions on sustainable practices and the role each of them could play in making a positive, environment-friendly difference.

The Juffair-based hotel has been actively driving the cause for a greener, more sustainable future. Part of Hilton Bahrain’s commitment to this cause is collaboration with several establishments in Bahrain to drive meaningful change.

Ryan Dayaday, Director of HR at Hilton Bahrain said, “We are incredibly honoured to collaborate with the Canadian School of Bahrain and have the opportunity to share our sustainable practices with their brilliant students. At Hilton Bahrain, we firmly believe that every action we take has an impact on the environment, whether positive or negative. Therefore, when it comes to supporting sustainability, there is no such thing as a small contribution. These children are the future stewards of our planet, and it is inspiring to witness their enthusiasm and commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable world.”

Dayaday emphasized Hilton’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, citing their core pillar of responsible travel and tourism. He highlighted Hilton’s adoption of the impactful initiative, “Travel With Purpose,” which underscores their dedication to protecting the planet and ensuring its well-being for future generations.