The Art of Listening: An Interview with Hospitality Leader, Fadl Adib

Bahrain Confidential speaks with the General Manager of Elite Seef Residence and Hotel

What does it take to be a Hospitality Leader? In an industry that never slows down, it takes utmost dedication and a mindset for excellence to deliver quality guest experiences day in and day out. Each year, Bahrain Confidential highlights leaders across the hospitality industry on the island to understand what’s new, what’s next, and what makes them the best.

What was the best-ever lesson in leadership that you learned, and from whom?

Speak less and listen more; understand each role; encourage and develop; care for your team members; accept feedback and respond to it. Thanks to my mentor, the Chief Operating Officer of Elite Hospitality, Mr. Sarosh Aibara, who has taught me a lot.

Do you have any major plans for the property?

An extremely well-liked location for both business and leisure is Elite Seef Residence & Hotel, and we aim to maintain our reputation by adhering to the fundamentals and Elite standards. Additionally, we intend to carry out guest room renovations soon.

Since we met last year, have there been any significant changes for you or the property?

Our managing director, Mr. Shabeer Dadadhai, has added the task of managing our prestigious hotel in Juffair, the Elite Crystal Hotel, in recognition of the hard work I put in as general manager of the Elite Seef Residence & Hotel. We opened an exciting new outlet, Social Monkey, in our hotel. We also intend to open a BBQ deck area in the coming months.

What have been your biggest challenges (and successes) over the past few years?

The pandemic itself was a significant issue. The market conditions, which included an influx of new hotels, disproportionate supply and demand, workforce shortages, and persistent economic challenges, directly impacted all elements of our business. However, we were compelled to keep the hotel open and functioning, avoid downsizing, and take good care of our team members’ well-being and of our property.

Other than a great team, is there one unique quality that makes your hotel stand out in Bahrain?

Our location is in the heart of Manama, nestled in the Kingdom’s main shopping and business district. All our rooms are suites, making them appealing to both business and leisure guests looking to stay long-term and enjoy our facilities, be it restaurants, nightclubs, or spas. Moreover, Elite Seef Residence & Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for Bahrain’s hospitality industry in the coming years?

The hospitality and tourism business is critical to a country’s economic development as it generates new economic activities such as greater job possibilities, economic diversification, infrastructure development, and higher spending in the host region.

Key challenges include providing high-quality services at a reduced cost to meet client expectations, consistently meeting visitors’ needs to maintain 100% satisfaction, ensuring their return, promoting unique products to both existing and prospective customers, and developing inventive ideas to keep customers engaged.

Is there a particular saying or motto that guides you?

Without a positive attitude, there is no positive action!