Leading Women: Eman Allawi, Marketing Manager, Alosra

Eman Allawi
Occupation: Marketing Manager, Alosra

Can you provide a brief background on your education and career?

I have a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing with a versatile background of over 15 years. I also have an extensive experience in the field of Digital Marketing Strategy & Social Ecosystem.

What is your leadership style?

Participative (democratic) leadership.

As a female executive, what has been the biggest challenge and lesson you have learned so far?

Knowing my own limitations is key. We live in a world that celebrates self-belief, but it is far more important to have self-awareness as a wife and a mother in the corporate world striving to climb up the leader.

Throughout your career, who were your biggest inspirations?

Hard to point one over another; my Mom I would say.

What do you think are the biggest challenges ahead for the next generation of female leaders?

To elevate other females!

What message would you give to women aspiring to become successful in their chosen fields?

Know yourself, value yourself, trust yourself and love yourself. You are what you believe.

How do you relax yourself from work?

That is a secret. ????