Pedals and Strides: Explore Bahrain’s Cycling and Running Communities

Beyond the backdrop-worthy landscape of Bahrain, lies a playground for those who thrive on adventure and wellness- the cycling and running groups. These communities sweat together, explore the terrain together and meet shared goals.

Whether an avid enthusiast or a novice looking to take the first step, here is a list of some of the communities in Bahrain you must check out, that are committed to a healthier lifestyle.


This community, exclusive to women, pedals forward with strength and a shared passion for cycling. From leisurely riding to challenging routes, CyclingBees redefines boundaries and fosters an inclusive environment for women cyclists.


Image Credits: TriHardCrew

A tight-knit, dynamic community that is not a club, TriHardCrew is a haven for those with a shared passion for running, cycling and swimming.

Bahrain Giants

Image Credits: Bahrain Giants

A performance-driven cycling community, Bahrain Giants is a team of cyclists, who conquer challenging routes by pushing the limits together and participating in fun activities.

Bahrain Road Runners

Image Credits: Bahrain Road Runners

Bahrain Road Runners is a supportive community of runners who aspire to create an energetic and fun running environment. Whether a casual jogger or a dedicated marathoner, this community welcomes all levels of runners.

Bahrain Cycling Association

Image Credits: Bahrain Cycling Association

When it comes to the evolution of cycling in Bahrain, the Bahrain Cycling Association takes the lead. With a clear focus on promoting cycling as a sport and a lifestyle, this association organises events, races and programs that suit cyclists of all levels.

Joud Running Club

Image Credits: Joud Running Club

Guided by the motto “When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart,” Joud Running Club exemplifies perseverance. This group brings together runners who understand the essence of actual endurance.

Kashta Tours

Image Credits: Kashta Tours

Kashta Tours redefines the way one can explore Bahrain – on two wheels. Their guided cycling tours go beyond the obvious, taking you through hidden and captivating locales while providing a sense of adventurous fun! Check out their cycling sessions and races.

Tower Running BH

Image Credits: Tower Running

Tower Running, Bahrain is a distinctive community dedicated to not just regular running, but also tower running, often called ‘Vertical Marathons’, where participants engage in vertical races, running up tall structures and testing their physical and mental endurance. This group unites individuals with a shared passion for pushing their limits and conquering heights.

Island Activities

Image Credits: Island Activities

Apart from outdoor adventures ranging from kayaking to sea trips, Island Activities also offers bike tours! Pedal through scenic cycling tours that unveil the picturesque landscapes of Bahrain. They also provide rental cycles.

Bahrain Social Runners

Image Credits: Bahrain Social Runners

Bahrain Social Runners is an enthusiastic group of athletes that organises running, cycling, and swimming events. This inclusive group welcomes individuals interested in various fitness activities, promoting camaraderie and an active lifestyle.

Cyclones Cycling Club

Image Credits: Cyclones Cycling Club

A non-professional team, the members of Cyclones Cycling Club share a deep passion for cycling. This club fosters a sense of community and dedication amongst the participants.