Ramadan: 6 Suhoor Foods that will Keep You Energised All Day

During Ramadan, Suhoor is an essential part of fasting. It is a traditional act while also a really important way to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Some of the superfoods listed here are going to release energy slowly throughout your body, in order to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Here is your guide to some of the best pre-dawn meals for you to enjoy, in order to stay energised all throughout your fast.

Although typically associated with elementary school lunches, peanut butter is a deliciously creamy ingredient that is high in protein and keeps you feeling full. This versatile spread is also very good for your health. The healthy oils in peanut butter help with weight loss and diabetes. Peanut butter is also full of the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. That’s the kind of fat you need to eat to lose that stubborn belly. Why not try a healthy peanut butter breakfast smoothie?
Fava Beans. Many Arabs will be familiar with the Fava bean, commonly known as “Foul”. Fava beans, are small, green-colored beans, that are a deep brown once cooked. They are quite prevalent in the UAE, as you can buy them canned and seasoned from any supermarket. This nutrient-rich legume is quite high in protein and fiber (our two superstars). This bean is also very low in fat and is an excellent food source of many nutrients essential for human health. They are delicious, when seasoned and can be enjoyed with a side of eggs, cheese or bread. Why not try a traditional Ful Mudammas?
Quinoa is one of the world’s most loved health foods, because it is gluten free, high in protein and has all of the essential amino acids. It is also usually grown organically, which has really helped it gain its popularity as a superfood. Its versatility is really great too, as it goes well with a lot of other ingredients, allowing you to enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It keeps you full for a long time, which is great way to help you get through your days of fasting this Ramadan. Why not try a breakfast quinoa with coconut milk, vanilla and cinnamon?
Greek yoghurt has got the power of protein on its side. This deliciously creamy and very healthy ingredient is a perfect way to prep for a day of fasting. Greek yogurt is also packed with probiotics and has double the amount of protein as regular yogurt. That extra bit of protein is what will help you feel full satisfied. Greek yoghurt is low in carbohydrates and also helps keep the thirst at bay. Why not try a yummy and filling Greek yoghurt parfait.
Eggs are a no brainer for suhoor. They are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and are very high in protein. Eggs are great way to stay fuller for longer and they taste delicious. Make ahead of time: Try scrambled eggs with spinach and feta wrapped in a whole grain tortilla for your suhoor.
Avocados: This incredibly nutritious fruit, should be a go-to during suhoor. It also adds a rich texture and flavour to any dish. Avocados are very high in fibre. Fibres are indigestible plant matters that can greatly contribute to weight loss and also reduce blood sugar spikes. Another benefit is that they keep you full for longer, so energy is released slowly throughout the day. This makes it a perfect ingredient for any suhoor dish. Why not try a mashed avocado on whole wheat toast with some corn and baby tomatoes?


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