Ramadan Goals: 5 Free Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight

Tracking food and movement is one of the most effective ways to understand your body and start on your weight loss journey. Ramadan is a perfect opportunity to kick-start a healthier life. Let these free apps help you achieve your goals.

My Fitness Pal


My Fitness Pal is an online food journal made easy. Medical studies show that keeping a food journal doubles your weight loss. The app takes your height, weight and age into consideration and tells you how much you need to eat daily in order to lose weight.

7 Minute Workouts

7 minute workout

7 Minute Workouts is amazing. This app is perfect for those who have absolutely no time, but want to fit in a quick workout in their busy day. The 7-minute workout is a great mix of strength and cardio that needs no equipment, but raises your heart rate and reminds you to do your work out every day. Any kind of movement is better than nothing.



MotionTraxx is a cool app that adds excitement to your workout. The app crafts the perfect playlist for the movements that you’re going. It also gives you coaching and workouts that are designed to make you sweat. We love that it matches the music with the intensity for every phase of your workout.

Yoga Wake Up Alarm

yoga wake up

Yoga Wake Up is an alarm clock that comes with a quick yoga work out. If you download this app, you get a 10 minute yoga sequence at your wake up time. Each of the sequence differ every day. Sometimes, the focus will be more on meditation, while others are more about holding poses and setting intentions.

Nike+ Training Club

nike trainng

Nike+ Training Club is top notch fitness app. They have a huge backing, which means tonnes of workouts designed by professional trainers and athletes, a fitness program that is customizable and of course brag-worthy sharing capabilities to allow you to compare your progress with your friends and other people in the Nike+ community. It is easy to use and despite being super mainstream, it is better than most other exercise apps out there.