Ramadan Reflections: Aala Abbas, Communications and Brand Manager, Movenpick Hotel Bahrain

The month of Ramadan brings with it myriad traditions, a sense of togetherness and spirituality, as well as positive mindsets as one prepares for a month-long journey of fasting. We spoke to Aala Abbas, Communications and Brand Manager, Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain to find out what Ramadan means to her and how she keeps up with the demands of work life while observing the traditions of Ramadan.

What are some of your favourite Ramadan traditions?

Picture this – a joyous reunion with family, where laughter echoes through the air, and the aroma of delicious meals fills the room. And then, the Ghabgas at my sister’s or friends’ place? Well, that’s where the real feast and fun begin – turning ordinary evenings into epic gatherings with a sprinkle of chaos and a whole lot of love!

How do you stay motivated and energised while fasting, particularly on long days?

Ah, the secret to conquering those marathon fasting days? It’s all about the art of balancing work, rest, and nourishment. After a day’s hustle, I dive headfirst into the world of dreams for some much-needed beauty sleep. And as for food? Let’s just say having someone cook for me ensures I’m not just surviving but thriving during those hunger-induced adventures!

Water or Dates?

Now, while water and dates are the traditional heroes of breaking the fast, my taste buds have a rebellious streak. I opt for a fizzy sip of Diet Cola, adding a quirky twist to my iftar routine. Who said breaking fast can’t come with a side of bubbly excitement?

How does the sense of community during Ramadan compare to the rest of the year?

Ah, Ramadan – the magical month where forgiveness reigns supreme and the community transforms into a hub of love and understanding. It’s like the world hits the reset button, and suddenly, we all remember to be a little kinder, a little more forgiving, and a lot more connected. It’s a bit like living in a feel-good movie, don’t you think?

Is there a specific place in Bahrain you love to visit during the month of Ramadan?

Ramadan hotspots in Bahrain: When Ramadan rolls around, you’ll catch me praying in the peaceful vibes of mosques, savouring the delightful brews at cosy coffee joints, and crashing at my friends’ places for those legendary post-fast feasts. It’s a whirlwind tour of good food, great company, and unforgettable memories – all in the heart of Bahrain’s Ramadan charm!