Ramadan Reflections: Ahmed Hisham Ezzat, Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort & Spa

The month of Ramadan brings with it myriad traditions, a sense of togetherness and spirituality, as well as positive mindsets as one prepares for a month-long journey of fasting. We spoke to Ahmed Hisham Ezzat, Assistant Marketing Manager, Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort & Spa to find out what Ramadan means to her and how she keeps up with the demands of work life while observing the traditions of Ramadan.

What are some of your favourite Ramadan traditions? 

I love getting together with family or breaking the fast outdoors while enjoying the sunset view.

How do you stay motivated and energised while fasting, particularly on long days?

Keeping myself always busy. Get to do things that felt lazy to do before or engage in light physical activity such as walking.

Water or Dates?

Khshaf: It’s a mix of fruits, nuts and dates preserved and soaked in sugar and water.

How does the sense of community during Ramadan compare to the rest of the year?

During Ramadan, there’s a noticeable calmness and sense of peace among everyone in the community.

Is there a specific place in Bahrain you love to visit during the month of Ramadan? 

I enjoy visiting Ramadan tents where I can surround myself with friends and soak in the good Ramadan vibes.