Ramadan Reflections: Dana Zubari, Co-owner of Tru Active and Co-Captain of Cycling Bees & Lettuce Run

The month of Ramadan brings with it myriad traditions, a sense of togetherness and spirituality, as well as positive mindsets as one prepares for a month-long journey of fasting. We spoke to Dana Zubari, Co-owner of Tru Active and Co-Captain of Cycling Bees & Lettuce Run to find out what Ramadan means to her and how she keeps up with the demands of work life while observing the traditions of Ramadan.

What are some of your favourite Ramadan traditions? 

I love how the whole community slows down. I love how we get to spend more family time because everyone who works gets to go home early before iftar so we all have our first meal together as a family. Which isn’t really possible when it isn’t Ramadan. 

How do you stay motivated and energised while fasting, particularly on long days?

Try to stay hydrated during the evenings and avoid salty foods in the evenings so you don’t feel thirsty during the day. Take naps if you can to reenergize you before iftar. 

Water or Dates?

Water and dates are the best way to break your fast; there are so many nutrients and minerals in a single date! 

How does the sense of community during Ramadan compare to the rest of the year?

It’s a holy month. I believe people are more charitable, more patient, and more connected to God. It’s a time to reflect on yourself as a person and on what religion means to you. Whether it is going to the Mosque more or finishing reading the Quran. Everyone has a different way of worshipping and giving back to the community.

Is there a specific place in Bahrain you love to visit during the month of Ramadan?

I love watching them shoot the cannon at sunset. It’s so beautiful! I also love going to my grandma’s house during Ramadan and spending time with the whole family.