Ramadan Reflections: Dr Faisal Kanoo, Deputy Chairman, ARKEDU and the owner of The K Hotel

The month of Ramadan brings with it myriad traditions, a sense of togetherness and spirituality, as well as positive mindsets as one prepares for a month-long journey of fasting. We spoke to Dr Faisal Kanoo, Deputy Chairman, ARKEDU and the owner of The K Hotel to find out what Ramadan means to her and how she keeps up with the demands of work life while observing the traditions of Ramadan.

What are some of your favourite Ramadan traditions?

Breaking the fast with my cousins and uncles in the Kanoo Majlis throughout the month of Ramadan and visiting the homes of our close friends and family in the evening. 

How do you stay motivated and energised while fasting, particularly on long days?

Fortunately, fasting during Ramadan has never been a challenge for me. It is only during the early days of Ramadan that I have an issue with the lack of hydration, however, once my body gets accustomed to the rhythm of Ramadan then I can continue as normal. 

Water or Dates?


How does the sense of community during Ramadan compare to the rest of the year?

Community is everything to me, and the unique features of Ramadan allow all of us to engage deeply on a spiritual and social level energetically.

Is there a specific place in Bahrain you love to visit during the month of Ramadan?

I enjoy visiting the Majlis with our friends and family. Bahrainis are renowned for their warm hospitality and it is always a pleasure to be amongst them – especially during the holy month of Ramadan