Salmabad-Tubli emergency rainwater drainage channel proposed

An urgent recommendation was passed to construct an emergency rainwater drainage channel from the industrial area in Salmabad in the Northern Governorate to Tubli Bay in the Capital Governorate.

This came during the weekly Northern Area Municipal Council meeting today when council member Faisal bin Shabib explained that the recommendation aims to redirect rainwater floods during the upcoming rain season from these places, which he said witnesses an annual rainwater flooding crisis.

“Due to it being an industrial area, the large swamps and flooding halt the commercial and developmental movement. Many traders, business owners, citizens and residents find it difficult in carrying out their work during the rainy period, which floods the area with rainwater,” Faisal said.

He also noted that temporary channels have proven its effectiveness in more than one area during the rainy season, noting that it would make up for the inability of water suction tankers to absorb large quantities of water every year, thus reducing the pressure on it.

“We hope that the Executive Authority will urgently implement the proposal in the right way, which takes into account the citizens and meets their continuous needs.”