Valmont’s Skincare Line is Reminding Us To Appreciate and Save the Bees

Bees are vital to our environment and biodiversity. But, did you know that the ingredients that make up a beehive can improve and hydrate your skin? Valmont’s Essence of Bees Collection is giving us a whole new reason to appreciate the winged flower feeders and their importance to not just our existence but also our skincare.

I was introduced to the Collection at a media event hosted by The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain in early November. Although I’m no stranger to the Valmont name, this was the first time I was trying their products. The Swiss luxury brand’s L’Elixir des Glaciers – Majestueuse Collection (launched in 2017) consists of three nourishing products: Crème De Masque Majestueuse (a moisturising face cream), Huile Majestueuse (a hydrating face oil), and Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux (a lifting eye serum).

Combining honey, propolis and royal jelly, all derived from beehives into the Essence of Bees Complex, the Collection harnesses the most sought-after active natural ingredients to nourish and repair the skin. 

At The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s Spa, Michelle Reynolds and her team translate the benefits of these products into a soothing Butterfly Facial. Thanks to a starter pack I received at the Collection’s launch event, I introduced the three products to my skincare routine over the last two weeks. The results have been immediate and very satisfying.

The Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux absorbs into your skin swiftly, toning and lifting the upper eyelid for a rejuvenated look. This silky-smooth serum blends key ingredients like honey, propolis, and royal jelly with peptides to enhance elasticity and firmness. Plus, liposome DNA and RNA boost hydration and nourish your skin from within. Applying it is a breeze – just dab a bit of cream around each eye and gently massage in circles for 20 seconds.

Next up is the Huile Majestueuse, a calming concentrate that stands out as one of the rare pure, organic oils out there, according to the cellular brand. It quickly sinks into your skin without any stickiness or greasiness. Besides its three Essence of Bees elements, this product is packed with Linseed and Rosa Moschata oil to battle oxidation and repair your skin’s natural defences.

Lastly, the Crème De Masque Majestueuse transforms from cream to oil to milk as you apply it. It hydrates your skin evenly, leaving it feeling soft and nurtured. The cream combines beeswax, the Essence of Bees blend, and Liposome DNA and RNA.

Have you ever had the I-did’t-know-I-wanted-it-until-I-found-it moment? Sitting beside my little starter pack was a little hive-shaped card that said Valmont supports organisations working towards bee conservation through its Essence of Bees collection. In the Middle East, Valmont has teamed up with the Beekeepers Foundation to help raise awareness about the importance of bees in nature and beekeeping as a necessity. USD 20 for each product sold from the Collection is donated to the Foundation.

Written by Deepika Rao for Bahrain Confidential