Remote Working: Give Your Productivity a Boost With These Brewtiful Cafes in Bahrain

The bustling streets of Manama thrive with the energy of the start-up culture. Bahrain has been witnessing a surge in entrepreneurship and remote work. Young entrepreneurs, armed with their laptops and a hunger for innovation, are reshaping the landscape of the island.

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Cafes have emerged as spaces for productivity retreat, offering a respite from the monotonous routine of traditional office environments and home offices. 

But what makes Bahrain’s cafes so special for remote workers?

The charm of Bahrain’s cafes extends far beyond refreshing coffees and delicacies. Here’s why these cafes are perfect for remote professionals.

  • Change of scenery: Working from home or office can get monotonous. Cafes offer a change of scenery that can help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Vibrant atmosphere: The energy and excitement of a cafe can be contagious, helping you to feel more inspired and creative.
  • Ambience that suits your needs: Cafes will ensure you get exactly that. Whether you’re looking for an interactive, bustling environment or a quiet corner for focused work.
  • Amenities: Most cafes offer Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and plenty of power outlets, making them ideal for working.
  • Social interaction: Cafes are a great place to meet other people, and host colleagues or potential partners and collaborators.
  • Affordability: Cafes are relatively affordable for remote workers and start-up teams.

Check out these cafes in Bahrain:

Crust & Crema

📍 Galleria Mall & Seef (8 AM to 12 Midnight)

The cafe features a wooden rustic ambience with a spacious upstairs seating area, providing comfortable seating for meetings or focused work, with a quieter atmosphere in the mornings. Amenities include affordable food, and power outlets, but not Wi-Fi. Do not miss trying the unique coffee pizza. 


📍 Saar (7 AM to 8:30 PM)

This rustic cafe offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks, as well as light snacks. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, set with 60s jams. Grind provides wireless internet, group tables, and ample power outlets, making it conducive for various needs, for both work and leisure.

Caribou Coffee

📍 Riffa | Juffair | Bahrain Bay | Hala Plaza | Hamala | and more (Open 24 hours)

The cafe is an optimal choice for remote workers. The cafe’s well-planned layout includes indoor and outdoor seating, providing a comfortable setting for focused work or collaborative meetings. 

Amenities include Wi-Fi, numerous power outlets, and affordable pricing for food.  


📍 The Courtyard (7 AM to 12 AM) | The Avenues (8 AM to 12 AM) | Riffa (7 AM to 11 PM)

Originating from Tokyo, Japan, Arabica offers a distinctive coffee experience, ideal for coffee enthusiasts, as it provides a unique taste and inviting ambience for both work and leisure. The amenities include Wi-Fi and a setting for collaborative work.

The Dot

📍 Diyar Al Muharraq (7 AM to 11 PM)

The Dot is a spot for productive work in a relaxed setting. With ample power outlets, Wi-Fi, and group settings, the cafe is perfect for collaborative working or leisurely unwinding.